Super Password

Super Password 1.0

Password manager with key generation capabilities
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Store all your passwords in a safe location, use the password generator to create random passwords and log into your accounts through the manager.

If you use Super Password 1.0, you only need to remember one password in heart (the super password) and even if one of your account is cracked, the others will be still safe. Here is how. When you sign up for an account, for example hotmail, you need to choose a password. Start Super Password 1.0 by a single click at the icon of Super Password 1.0 in system tray bar, enter your super password and the account name(hotmail), click Generate, and there willbe a string appear in the password text box. Just use it as your password to hotmail. When you want to sign in your hotmail account, start Super Password 1.0, enter your super password and account name(hotmail) again, click generate and your password to hotmail will appear. What you need to remember is just the super password, which makes it easier. And the real passwords to your accounts are different, which makes it safer. You needn't worry about the security. The COA algorithm Super Password 1.0 uses to generate account passwords is very very complex and strong. No one can break it.

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